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Long, Poveromo & Associates, Inc.
-manufacturers agents-
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 Borg General Controls

Timers: spring wound, electro-mechanical & electronic.

 D.R. Templeman

Precision manufacturer of custom springs, rings, and wire forms. Mini spring specialist.

 Laser Photonics

High grade fiber and CO2 laser marking, engraving, and cutting equipment and 3D laser metal printing systems.

 Jatro Renewables

Modular process skids for fluid transfer applications to entire plant construction.

 Payne Controls

SCR power controls from 10 to 1650 amps, to 600 vac and solid state contactors and relays.

 Selco Products Co.

Thermostats, NTC thermistors, digital panel meters, control knobs & electronic time and temperature controls.

 Siltec USA Inc.

Open construction solid wire mesh cable routing systems that eliminate the use of cable ties and save installation time.

 South Bay Circuits

Quick turn specialists for PCB layout to loaded assembly, with PC board fabrication in house for single source responsibility. Domestic production and offshore high volume production.

 Thermik Corporation

Thermal protectors for motor & transformer windings, and PTC thermistors.

 Thermo Heating Elements

Silicone rubber heaters, polymer thick film (PTF) heaters, tubular heaters, ultraflex, mica heaters, KaptonĀ® and ceramic heaters.


Air quality purification equipment for machine tool environments.