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Long, Poveromo & Associates, Inc.
-manufacturers agents-
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Audio productsDispensing equipmentElectronicsEnergyFood service equipmentHVACLightingMaterial handlingMedical & dental equipmentMilitaryMotor & transformer manufacturingPackaging & molding machineryPersonal care productsPet productsPlant constructionPollution controlPositioning systemsPower monitoringPower SuppliesProcess controlTransportation


LP&A is an application engineering sales firm established in 1982 to serve the OEM market with temperature control components and systems. We serve NY, NJ, Eastern PA, DE, and MD. The manufacturers we represent have an established track record of providing high quality products and excel in customer service and support. We are engaged with our customers to support them throughout every step of the project cycle.

Our principals are provided with market research, customer trend updates and trade show participation. We consistently identify and cultivate new business opportunities. We believe that our customer base, market knowledge and perseverance will expand your business in our territory and across the country.

QUESTIONS? We are ready to answer them. Contact us today: (973)803-9668,